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Fun with Facebook

I have so many more interesting things I could write about, but instead I’m going to write more about the ex.  I honestly barely think about him anymore.  Especially when I’m in TX, the most will be an occasional fleeting thought.  But even when I do think of him, it is only with a ghost of emotion.  I did have a small sobbing fit while watching the Grammy’s, brought on by thinking of how unhappy I was watching the Grammys last year and Taylor Swift singing a song about a break-up and just generally having a stressful week.  But that was 10 minutes of crying followed by a feeling of relief and then getting back to whatever it was I had been doing.  So, all in all things have been good on that front.

Then Facebook changed things.  I have 2 friends on Facebook that are also still friendly with him through work.  A few weeks ago one of them posted a picture of a night out in RO.  He was in the photo.  And so was one of the women that went on the cruise with us last year.  I knew then that he left me for her.  I had always wondered, but never had any confirmation.  And then, because I can never leave well enough alone, I logged out of Facebook and searched for both of them (I have them both blocked, so I can’t see them if I’m logged in) and sure enough, they both have profile pics of the 2 of them together.  Hers was posted on June 3rd.   26 days after he left and my first official day of work in Texas.

I’m not actually that upset about them being together, more slightly annoyed, if that makes any sense.  Like I had been working so hard on trying to figure out how to fix things, but he was just hanging out waiting for his next girlfriend to show up.  And I kind of wonder about one night on the cruise when he was acting really weird – I don’t think he slept with her or anything, but now I wonder if things started then.  The bit of doubt I had about them being together was mostly that he was definitely not her type.  But the people that knew him before he married his ex would have said the same thing, and she would have said that about me, so I think this is just what he does – reinvents himself for the next person who he thinks will make him happy.  I guess that is kind of sad.

And I know this make me such a stereotype, but god do I think she is a total skanky bitch now. 


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What I’ve done since last time I posted:

  1. Worked.  Lots.  So much that it was hard to remember the rest of this list.
  2. Ran a 5K in Dallas.
  3. Tore the carpet out of the spare bedroom on Thanksgiving.
  4. Went on a cruise – maybe someday I’ll get around to posting some pictures.
  5. Went to Wisconsin for Christmas.
  6. Tore the carpet out of my bedroom on New Year’s Eve.
  7. Hosted Lesley for a whirlwind visit first weekend in January.  We:
    1. Went to a hockey game and saw the Wings annihilate the Stars
    2. Went on a food tour – really recommend this, it was so much fun
    3. Went to the art museum
    4. Just generally had a great time
  8. Went to the Dallas Symphony with coworkers.  We had a very fancy night, dressed up and had a super good dinner – it was a fun change of pace.
  9. Ran another 10K.  With pancakes and beer at the end.
  10. Experienced snow and ice in Dallas – NOT fun!  I will never make fun of how southern cities shut down in the snow again.  I’ve never seen just a thin layer of snow pack itself into ice on the road so fast – it was terrible in places.
  11. Ran another 5K.  With a full breakfast at the end.
  12. Saw the Lego movie at a theater that has waiter service to your seats – and spiked milk shakes.

I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of stuff, but January and the beginning of February have flown by with how busy I am.  I really am enjoying my job, but it does take a lot of brain power.  

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