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When we last left off, it was Friday and I had just found out that I was heading to Indy for work on Monday. When I got home that night I got another surprise – last minute Kid Rock tickets! So, I got to see Kid Rock play at Comerica, which was pretty cool. Then the weekend flew by with Brad working Saturday and me busy packing and getting stuff ready for Indy, and then it was Monday morning. The week at work was ok, I’m doing some interesting things, and relearning a new version of some design software that we don’t use in Michigan anymore, but is used in a lot of other states (so they can send me other places too now!) There is a canal that goes through part of the city that is nice to walk/run along , so I did that every night. And I found an awesome pizza place that I liked so much (and was so close to my hotel) that I ended up having dinner there twice. But by Friday afternoon I was ready to be on my way home and excited for the weekend.

And because I’m pretty sure they will be mentioned more than a few times here: one of Brad’s coworkers and her best friend (who also occasionally works with them) live really close to us, and we hang out with them and some of their other friends on and off (crazy wedding a few weeks ago, Kid Rock concert, etc.) They call their house The Nine, so that’s what I’m calling them here.

Last week one of the girls from The Nine turned 30 and it was Brad’s birthday on Saturday, so for their birthdays we rented a limo and went bar hopping. As an aside – don’t rent a stretch SUV, they are hard to get in and out of, you can’t stand up and there is no leg room. We had an awesome time, Brad’s 2 best friends came with us, which made him really happy, since they never come up our way to hang out. I was happy because there was dancing and funny hats. I didn’t come home till 4am, Brad and his friends stayed up till 6 (and since they stayed overnight we have now had our first official house guests!). I’m pretty sure you know what we did Sunday – slept and ate greasy food and slept some more and then I had to re-pack my suitcase, and now I’m back in Indy.


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Crazy making

As I alluded to in my last post, work has been busy.  Mind-numbingly, spirit-crushingly, crazily busy.  But we finally made it through the insanity last week, and I’ve been trying to get back to normal.  Of course, just as things were calming down at my work, things went crazy at Brad’s with a surprise management restructuring that had everyone wondering all week where they stood  (things are fine now, Brad might even end up benefitting from this, but one of his best friends at work was let go)  And then it was another busy weekend with a super fun wedding on Saturday, where we stayed up till 4:30am(!) and another great day in the sun at the lake on Sunday (Brad tried water skiing, I fell asleep in a beach chair)  After all of this I had a nice boring week, went to bed early a lot and was looking forward to more of the same, but this morning I got an email asking if I could come to Indy for 2 weeks…starting Monday.  So, back I go on Monday morning.  I’m staying downtown this time, 3 blocks from the office, so it will be kind of fun to walk to work every day and maybe try some new restaurants.  But traveling for work on your own can be really boring – I need to stock up on some good books and magazines!

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I just looked at myself in the bathroom mirror here at work.  I have a grease spot on my shirt right where my nipple would be.  It is both funny and annoying.  That is kind of how life is going right now – I could cry, but things are getting funny in an absurd way.

Work is insane.  I didn’t even attempt to count how many hours I worked last week (though I think with working all day Saturday, it had to be more than 60) and I got here 2 hours early this morning, yet…we still missed our dead line.  So, laughing or crying?

I have to go back to Indy.  I’m not sure when, but sometime soon. 

We never even sat in our seats at the Tigers game yesterday – instead we stood in the shade, where it still felt all of the 90 degrees it was, for four hours, while Justin Verlander almost pitched a no-hitter.  My feet still hurt, and I don’t even get to say I finally saw a no-hitter.

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