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Sports Mania!

When I was Indy I just couldn’t seem to get a plan together for Labor Day, mostly because I wanted to be at home and planning another trip just didn’t seem fun.  But at the last minute I had the idea of going to Chicago for a Cubs game.  I’ve been to a few games in Chicago, but despite the fact that they are easily his second favorite team, Brad had never seen a game at Wrigley Field.  We started with the plan to spend the whole weekend in Chicago, which was ok, but meant missing some things I wanted to do at home: a Tigers game on Sunday and the big festival Arts, Beats and Eats.  But then the Tigers switched the Sunday game at 1pm to a night game and would be the nationally broadcast Sunday night baseball game.  So, that set our plans – drive to Chicago on Friday night, see a Saturday afternoon baseball game at Wrigley Field, drive home Sunday morning and see a night game at Comerica Park, and go to Arts, Beats and Eats on Monday. 

It was a fun weekend; we: 

    • Went to Rock Bottom Brewery, which is a chain that I’ve been to in Indy and has really good food and drinks (Strawberry dragonfruit mojitos!)
    • Checked out the Billy Goat Tavern, a bar with a lot of Chicago history tied to it and the inspiration for the old “Cheeseboger, Cheeseboger, no Coke, Pepsi” sketch on Saturday Night Live.  
    • Had an “Eggsperince” which was so good that we ate there again Sunday.  Anyplace with not one, but three lox dishes has my vote (I had the lox Benedict, so delicious!!) 
    • Enjoyed a Cubs game, some deep dish pizza, and a 90 minute rain delay at Wrigley Field. 
    • Tried to watch rest of the U of M football game after the Cubs game, but the game had been stopped for weather reasons (if we had paid more attention to that it might have made what we found on Sunday less of a surprise) 
    • Had dinner at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse – we ate on the patio and had a nice time people watching.
    • Drove home Sunday to find that our power had been out since Saturday night due to the bad storms.  Everything in the fridge and freezer had to be tossed 😦
    • Went to Comerica Park for our second baseball game of the weekend.  It was a great game – since it was on ESPN it sold out and people were super pumped up.  And then the Tigers creamed the Sox 18-2!
    • Spent Monday at Arts, Beats and Eats eating junk food and looking at art.

After all of that I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home…but instead more sports!  We got offered tickets to last Saturday’s Michigan game – the first ever night game at the Big House.  I didn’t really want to go, but Brad convinced me, and it ended up being awesome.  It was a NCAA record for attendance – 114,804 people, all of them cheering and waving yellow pom-poms.  The game was back and forth and for awhile it looked like Notre Dame would win, but in the last minutes of the 4th quarter Michigan scored and took the lead, then Notre Dame scored and took the lead with only 30 seconds left.  We all knew the game was over, Michigan has lost, they wouldn’t score again with only 30 seconds left.  But somehow they did!  The entire stadium went wild, people were cheering and screaming and jumping and high-fiving anyone they could reach.  It was insane and intense and amazing.

We spent Sunday morning helping friends move and were supposed to go to the Tigers game afterward, but I fell asleep on the couch instead…


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