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Results Show

Remember Project Roadway? Well, it turns out I won. Or at least my company did – the things I was working on were a part of a very large design/build proposal, and we just found out that our team won. I’m both happy to win and not entirely thrilled about the prospect of getting back into that project – it is huge and very complex and was kind of a headache. I don’t know for sure that I will be working on it, but it looks pretty likely…

In other news, my mixer came – I love it -I used it twice last weekend. My old mixer lived in a lower shelf in the pantry, and I thought the new one was going to be so heavy that it would have to live on the counter, which I wasn’t thrilled about since we don’t have a huge amount of counter space. But it really isn’t that heavy, so putting it on a low shelf has been fine. I am wondering if I’m getting some more attachments for it for Christmas – a box from Sur La Table got delivered the other day, but Brad has hidden it somewhere, so I can’t even shake it to guess what is inside. Which makes me wonder where he hid it, because if it is under our bed, that’s where his presents are, too!

We have a bit of a whirlwind planned for Christmas: drive to WI for Christmas, drive back, get on a plane to Tampa on Saturday morning, have fun in FL for a few days and then fly back on Wednesday. We might be going to the Outback Bowl, but haven’t bought tickets yet, so we’ll see. Pretty excited for a vacation!


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