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Fun with flying

I went on another cruise, and I would love to tell you all about it and show you some of the 450 pictures I took, but I can’t find the cord for my camera. I had it on the boat since it is the cord to charge the camera, so there is a chance that it is sailing the southern Caribbean without me right now. Or maybe it is lost somewhere in San Juan. I’m pulling for the fact that it and all my bags are black means that I missed it when I went looking for it this morning.

Instead you get to hear about our trip home, since that involves no pictures. Our ship arrived in San Juan at some point shortly before 6 am on Sunday and we were finally called to disembark at around 10 am (since there are so many people they don’t let you all just mob the one small exit) The 7 of us got a shuttle to the airport, checked in at the little kiosk and go to drop our bags at the counter, but there was no one there. We come to find out that since this airline has no morning flights, that they will be in “around noon-ish” (ah, island time, charming when you are on vacation, not so much when you are at the airport) We wait till “noon-ish”, check our bags, go through security and finally board our plane, which takes off about 15 minutes late.

We are all closely watching the time since we only have 50 minutes on the ground to make our connecting flight. But we figure it should be ok – the airline wouldn’t book us a connection we couldn’t make, right? Well, sort of. We get to the gate almost 20 minutes late – our next flight is going to start boarding in 10 minutes. The flight attendants tell us that because of some construction we are pulling up to terminal B and anyone with a connecting flight needs to go to terminal C, but it is “right to the right” of the gate we are at. We get off and start a brisk walk to the right, no signs for terminal C. We ask a security guard – yes, we are headed in the correct direction, just keep going, make a right, go thru the doors and terminal C is to the right. Walking faster, we follow these directions, but the doors take us outside. We flag a cop down. Yes, still in the correct direction, but terminal C is actually a whole other building, and we have to go through security again. What?!?! We run outside, down the sidewalk, into terminal C, get to security, huge line, plane leaves in 15 minutes. Finally get through security after some drama with water bottles, plane is taking off in less than 5 minutes. We run through the terminal Home Alone style dodging people left and right, our shoes untied and belts and watches in our hands, get to the gate and….they haven’t even started boarding yet!

We never find out what that is about, but we finally board about 30 minutes late – not too big of a deal, we were supposed to get to Detroit around 10pm – 10:30 won’t be that bad. Except we, sit, and sit and sit. Turns out there is a huge storm to the north making it so they can only use one runway and with the volume of planes taking off in one direction they have to wait a few minutes between each plane. We get told we have at least 30 minutes to wait. 20 minutes later we get told 25 more minutes. At 80 minutes they let us know that they will be serving beverages a pretzels since the FAA regulations say they have to after 90 minutes on the ground. We finally take off about 10 minutes before we were originally scheduled to land in Detroit. We do make up some time and land around midnight. But with waiting for bags and the drive from the airport we don’t make it home till after 1am. I had planned on working Monday, but decide that I will log onto my work email as soon as we get home and let everyone know that I was sleeping in and would be in after lunch. Except when I looked at my email Denver had tons of things they needed me to do ASAP, so instead I set my alarm and crawl into bed.


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Winter and carbs

For some reason, this winter has been rough for me. Part of it was getting the flu – like the actual, real, stay in bed for a week kind of flu. Of course, I came down with it during our vacation in Florida…at Busch Gardens…on New Year’s Eve. So, I spent New Year’s Eve totally out of it with a fever in my hotel room bed. At least Brad’s cousin lives in Tampa, so Brad went to his place – I was so sick I just wanted everything quiet and to be left alone. We did make it to the Outback Bowl on New Years Day, but a few hours out of bed was enough for me. I didn’t make it back to work till Friday and really wasn’t feeling 100% for around another week.

I followed that up by pulling a muscle in my back the day before Valentine’s Day. I’m still not really sure what happened, it just kind of snuck up on me. The worst part was that I couldn’t sit without a lot of pain; we ended up having to cobble together a makeshift standing desk for me at work. It took 2 to be about 99% without pain.

Add to that the streaks of insane cold we’ve had and I’ve been feeling like I just want to stay curled up someplace warm.

On the positive side of things – I have been having fun making lots of things with my new mixer (some of which you can see in my last few posts) Making bread and pasta is so much more fun now that I don’t have to hand knead things! One of my favorite pasta dishes is cheese ravioli, but hand forming ravioli is a giant pain. After my last attempt at it I started researching different options. Kitchenaid does make a ravioli maker, but it was a lot of money when there are plenty of cheaper options out there. But I made the mistake of showing Brad a video of how cool it is and he was super impressed (see the video here) Guess what I got for my birthday? It is really fun to use and does make ravioli incredibly simple – though mine didn’t turn out quite as perfect as the video, guess I just need some practice. Now I keep thinking of all the fun fillings I could make!

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Newest bread

Homemade focaccia. Not too difficult – just requires some pre-planning. Insanely good. I kind of want to eat the whole loaf right now.


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