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100 Days and a sock

Apparently it takes 100 days to get over 6 years and a sock to realize that.  I’ve had good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks.  But overall, every day was better than the last and I’ve been able to actually notice the different stages I’ve been going thru week to week – sad, angry, analytical, etc.

I’ve been holding onto a box of important paperwork that he forgot to take, and every now and then I find something of his and either I angrily throw it away or think to myself that I’ll get it to him when I get him that paperwork.  This morning I had a cleaning service come in (I’m doing this monthly now, the house gets so dusty and cobwebby with no one there!) and they found a sock under the couch.  It was one of his, a brand of sock that I introduced him to, that he loved, and was kind of pricey for socks (Smartwool, if you are interested, best socks ever!)

A few weeks ago I would have been sad about that sock, about how I probably bought that pair for him and they were his favorite and how he would be sad when he realized that he lost it.  Or I would be angry, because he couldn’t even bother to keep track of his stuff and why am I still dealing with his crap and think about him pissed off because he couldn’t find it.  And would have waffled about throwing it away or putting it with the papers.

And today?  Today it is just a sock.  He left 100 days ago today and he and any feelings I had about him seem very far away.  I thanked the cleaning lady and just threw the sock away.


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Adventures in TX

I have RVSPed yes to going to the movies with people from the internet this weekend.  I feel very weird about it, though I would totally tell a friend in my same situation not to feel weird, that it is a great idea.  If I don’t do this, the only other person that I am guaranteed to talk to all weekend is the person who is coming to install my cable on Saturday morning.

We are going to see Much Ado about Nothing on Sunday morning, so about as non-sketchy as you can get.

On a different note, the low here has been higher than the high in Michigan for the past few days.  It will continue like this for at least a week.  I think I will brave the “Fitness Center” at my apartment today, I’m not sure I’m ready to run in this.  I did run outside on Tuesday night.  If I go out at 8 the sun is basically down, which makes a huge difference in how hot it feels and I can get a half hour in before it gets too dark.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as sweaty in my entire life as I was after that run.

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