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Indy: Part 2

I survived another week in Indy.

Good things:

  • I got a car with cruise control, a Chevy Impala. It feels huge compared to my tiny car. I had totally forgotten what a full sized car’s trunk looks like – I told Brad “You could fit multiple bodies in there!”
  • I got to eat at a Cuban restaurant and a Cajun restaurant – both were tiny, authentic places and had awesome food.
  • I ate at P.F. Changs – I don’t go there much, since Brad doesn’t really like it, but they have an awesome shrimp dish with candied walnuts and melon that is so incredibly yummy and I can’t find anywhere else.
  • I figured out that there is an outlet mall about 45 minutes south of the city – found a few things that I’ve been wanting and got good deals on them all.
  • I got bored one night, went to Target (in the world’s most depressing mall – imagine the mall in Houghton, double its size, but take away half the stores – that was this mall) and got the stuff to paint my toenails bright blue.
  • I might swing by World Market on my way out of the city tonight (ok, it really isn’t on my way, but I won’t be in a hurry) I’m still bitter that they closed the World Market close by – I finally have a house to buy stuff for and now the closest one is in Ann Arbor and I just never make it over there.

And because nothing is all good…

Bad things:

  • The weather – it rained and then it rained and then there were tornadoes and then it rained. The night that the storms were bad I got super freaked out (I may have spent part of the night sitting on the bathroom floor reading magazines beacuse that was my only option for a room without windows) The tornado sirens kept going off, and they were listing tornado touchdowns on TV. I had no idea where any of the places the weather people were referencing were, so I didn’t really know how close the tornadoes were to me. I did go ask the girl at the front desk if there was a storm shelter or anything – she said security would come get us if things were bad and we would just stay in the first floor hallway – not the most reassuring.
  • Brad has to work till 1am tonight, so even after I get home I won’t get to see him till the middle of the night.
  • I am just tired of being away.

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A small miracle happened this weekend: I went into a store dressing room with 5 dresses and every single one of them fit! As I’m sure you all know, that never happens. They were even 4 different sizes. I restrained myself and only bought 2 of them.

All Memorial Day travel plans have been canceled – Brad has to work that Sunday 😦 I think we may placate ourselves with a super expensive steakhouse dinner that Saturday night.

I’m doing a full frontal assault on the morning glory vines in the garden – every time they poke through the mulch they are met with either Round-up or a shovel. I am determined to kill this stuff!

On Monday, our neighbors that moved in last summer cut down a huge, beautiful fir tree in their back yard – this is the only picture I can find of it (big red arrow pointing to tree that is now gone) It was directly across from our back patio and I loved to sit out back and watch its branches sway in the breeze. Now I can watch the power lines sway in the breeze.

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Home again!

Yesterday I worked 6 hours, drove 5 hours in a car with no cruise control (more on that below) made it to the Tigers game, watched them beat the Yankees and crawled into bed, exhausted, at 11 pm. The game was fun and I’m super happy to be home, but it was almost too much for one day.

The car – it never occurred to me that they would have cars without cruise control, so I didn’t even check to see if my rental had it. Lesson learned. It did have free navigation, which I loved so very, very much. For my next trip I will be getting a car with both cruise and navigation!

And that next trip will be in 2 weeks. For 2 weeks. That means I’ll be working in Indy for the week before and the week after Memorial Day weekend. The trip that Brad and I were planning to Pittsburgh for Memorial Day weekend – canceled. I’m not driving for 5 hours to get home and then driving 5 hours to Pittsburgh and then doing the reverse 3 days later. I would love to have Brad meet me in Indianapolis, but the Indy 500 is Memorial Day weekend, so hotels are either totally booked or ridiculously expensive. Maybe we will meet somewhere in Ohio. There has to be something fun to do in Columbus or Dayton…right?

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101 (or 5) ways the Indy office is better than the Michigan one:

  1. It is on the 21st floor of a 22 story building and has awesome views.
  2. It is right in the center of downtown Indy within walking distances of a ton of restaurants and even a mall.
  3. It has the same office furniture we do, but the color scheme is yellows, tans and even a bit of dark orange, much more cheerful than our gray and slightly blue-toned gray, and they have even painted different walls different colors!
  4. It is so much bigger (30 people, maybe) and is mostly people in their 20’s and 30’s that get along and go out to lunch together and joke around.
  5. They have no traffic compared to Detroit – my commute this morning was so easy 🙂

Things that suck:

  1. Paying for parking (though while I’m here I get to expense it)
  2. I only have one computer monitor (though that might be fixed for the next time I’m here)
  3. IT has not upgraded my access yet, so nothing on my one-monitor computer works (except for the internet) so I’m sitting here doing hand calculations using the calculator on my phone (I’m buying a new calculator tonight – I need one anyway, my super fancy graphing calculator that I forgot in Michigan is slowly dying)

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Things are a little slow in our office, so some of us are being loaned out to other offices and I’m getting loaned to Indianapolis. I don’t actually have to be there full time, but I found out about the job on Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon they let me know they want me down there this Monday morning. So, I’m leaving this afternoon to head to Indy. I’ll be back on Wednesday night, but I’m still not thrilled about it. I’ve been sick all week and still don’t feel 100% better. I really don’t feel like spending 5 hours in the car this afternoon and since Brad worked crazy hours all weekend, we’ve barely gotten to see each other. So, I’m feeling really whinny about this. Even the fun stuff isn’t making me look forward to this – nice hotel, getting to expense all my meals. But it is only 3 days and I’ll be back to make it to the Tigers/Yankees game on Wednesday night, so I need to stop complaining and get moving!

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