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Indy: Part 3

I’m back in Indianapolis. Can you tell that I’m super excited about it? The novelty has definitely worn off.

I did have a really great weekend. Things I did:

  • Finally bought a detail sander to go with my orbital sander, so maybe someday I will finish refinishing that door.
  • Ate at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which despite have the most annoyingly weird name, has excellent food. Lobster bisque = divine. Petite fillet with blue cheese crust, done medium rare = perfect. Bottle of Pinot Noir = tasty. Cappuccino = not really that great, but we’ll let it go 😉
  • Went to the Tigers game Sunday. I’m sure this will become a recurring refrain for me, but it was soooo hot! I like our new seats this year, but the way they are configured we don’t get much of a breeze, which can make sunny days really sweaty. We are already scouting out improved seats for next year!
  • After the game, went up to Kim and Chad’s for an awesome BBQ. In what seems to be becoming a trend, they cooked up enough tasty food for at least twice the number of people who were there, so we totally stuffed ourselves and then I kept finding myself standing in the kitchen continuing to munch – it always reminds me of rushes when I do this, I need a VP of rush to be there yelling at me to stay away from the food!
  • I bailed on the party we were supposed to go to Saturday night with some of Brad’s friends, but Brad went saying he was just going to have 2 beers and come home. A few hours later I get a call – can I come pick him up? I wonder the whole 40 minute drive there what the heck happened at the party – turns out the cops came and Brad didn’t want to risk being behind the wheel even smelling like beer. So, then we hung out at our friend Marc’s till we realized that by the time we got home it would be 3am!
  • Bought even more flowers for the garden
  • Ate at the new Culver’s by our house.
  • Pulled the grill out for the first time this year. We had chicken and veggies and now I’m planning on grilling every veggie I can get my hands on this year – grilled vegetables are so yummy!
  • Packed for Indy and camping – on Friday after work I’m meeting up with people for camping. I’m not going home first, so I hope I have everything!

Things I didn’t do:

  •  Weed. The morning glory is probably working on taking over right now!
  • Clean. The house is a mess, but I’m not there, so I guess I don’t really care right now. Brad has to work a ton this week, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care either.

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