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What a weekend!

Friday night was supposed to be dinner and a movie.  Then Brad asked if it could be dinner and watching basketball at the bar.  It ended up being dinner and watching things on our DVR until Brad admitted that he was too tired to go out (shh don’t tell anyone, but that is the second Friday in a row that we didn’t go out because Brad was tired)

Saturday was supposed to be cleaning and laundry and house projects.  It ended up being only essential cleaning and a little laundry and no work on the house, and then meeting Lesley and Whorley at Ye Olde Saloon for lunch and shuffle board.  And when we got bored with that we moved on to O’Toole’s for pool and one of my favorite beers (Vanilla Java Porter, mmm, coffee flavored beer)  And then we had been out so long that we had dinner there, too.  And when Lesley and Whorley headed off to the Wings game, Brad and I decided we needed a nap.  However, we were determined to make it to the movies this weekend and we managed to make it out for a 10pm showing of the Lincoln Lawyer, which was really enjoyable.  But we were totally exhausted by the time we got home.

And then Sunday, Brad had to work, so I spent all day shopping with Lesley, where she totally enabled my buying of shoes I probably don’t need and then we got pedicures and then I went home and slept because that was an exhausting (but super fun) weekend!


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I think the signs are pointing to spring being on its way.  On the weather this morning the high temps for the week were all in the 40s or above.  The crocuses on the east side of the house are starting to bloom.  I needed my sunglasses on the drive home last night and then it was still light enough after dinner to suggest taking a walk. 

I am so ready for spring, especially after this winter – it seems like it has been extra long.  I am looking forward to gardening, grilling out, and being able to run outside, and even just having the windows open.

Hopefully, our two new additions to the garden have made it through the winter ok – we planted a rose bush out back and a Japanese maple out front last summer and both had to be covered in burlap all winter.  Also, this year we have some big plans for the gardens that I am excited to start.  After doing a “see what grows” approach to much of the yard last year, and finding that “what grows” in the garden along the sidewalk is weeds, we are going to attempt to plant some hedges, and maybe replace some of the evergreens that are looking a little rough.  And, after my less than fruitful attempts at growing tomatoes and peppers in pots last summer,  I think I may try and make a little vegetable garden.

So, everybody – think spring!

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New home

Welcome to the new home for my blog 🙂

I’ve been meaing to move for ages – I like that here you can password protect just posts and not the whole blog.  But I actually don’t think I’ll be using that function right now – I mostly was worried about people somehow associated with work finding it, but I don’t really blog about work much anymore.

So, update your google readers with the new location 😉

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During February I survived:

  1. The cold that would not end. Every day I felt the tiniest bit better, but it seemed like it took forever to feel normal again.
  2. A Superbowl party.
  3. Meeting Lesley’s new boyfriend. He’s very nice and knows nothing about hockey but is willing to learn 🙂
  4. Valentines Day. Brad’s gift to me was to willingly go to a cupcake shop after dinner.
  5. A 25th birthday party. It was seriously hard to pick out a card for someone 11 (!!!) years younger than me.
  6. A month with only one bathroom. This actually barely had an impact, but the basement bathroom floor now has tile, and the toilet Brad ordered finally came in and got installed last Friday – it may, someday soon, actually be a fully functioning bathroom again.
  7. My birthday! This was actually pretty great – the highlights were getting a 5” orbital sander which I have been putting to good use sanding the door I am refinishing, a huge cutting mat for my rotary cutter that hopefully I will put to good use soon making curtains for the bathroom, and 3 fancy cupcakes – yummy. Plus Brad totally surprised me by organizing a little dinner out with some friends!
  8. Our 4 year anniversary – this was pretty great, too. We went to Bacco for dinner and ate a ridiculous amount of delicious food. And we sat right next to Bernie Smilovitz– the sports reporter for channel 4!

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