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Update: 9 Miles

I ran my 9 mile run on Sunday, and it was uneventful – yay!  I really wanted to go up to Stony Creek and run around the lake, but the day got away from me.  By the time I was ready to go, the 40 minute drive would have eaten up too much of the remaining daylight.  Instead I ran down one of the “1/2 mile” streets by my house – a nice fairly straight stretch of road, but much less traffic than a mile road.  I like this route because I can get to 4.5 miles with only crossing 4 major cross streets.  What roads to run on is something I spend a lot of time thinking about – I get really sick of running in my neighborhood, but I find crossing the larger roads around me to be a pain.  Plus, I really don’t like running along streets with much traffic – it puts me on edge.  So this one is nice, I skirt the edge of downtown and then mostly run through nice neighborhoods.

I ran, I ate my Gu, I had one guy of questionable sobriety pretend he was running too when I ran past.  My last mile and a half, I felt like I was absolutely flying.  I was not.  Looking at my splits, the first 3 miles were probably too fast, but the other 6 miles were pretty much right on my training pace (which is slow, so slow)  So, I feel good about where I am for the race – this weekend is 10 miles and then the race is the weekend after that!


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Wow, it has been awhile, hasn’t it?  I kept intending to blog about my adventures in TX, but somehow I just didn’t.

Instead I’m going to tell you about running.  I’m training for another 1/2 marathon, and just recently I had what has got to be my worst run ever.

It was two weekends ago, and according to my training plan, I needed to do a 7 mile run.  I didn’t feel like driving all the way out to one of the metro parks, so decided to check out the Clinton River trail.  There is a trailhead just about 20 minutes from my house, which is pretty convenient.  For longer runs I really like to either do an out and back, or a set loop – even thinking about what route to run can be too much decision making for me when I’m running – so I was going to run 4 out and 3 back and then walk the last mile.  I started out feeling pretty good.  It was a bit warm, but nice to run in the sun after all the pre-dawn dark runs I’ve been doing.  The trail is nice – a mostly paved rails to trails, few street crossings, lots of trees.

I don’t remember when I started to feel less than great,  but by my turn around point I was seriously dragging, tired and super sweaty.  I had convinced myself I was running slightly uphill, so it was a really big letdown when I turned around and realized that, nope, I had been running on a slight downhill grade and now it was time to run back up.  By 4.5 miles I had to pee.  I had passed a bathroom at 3 miles, so knew I’d hit it at 5 and kept on chugging away.  At 5, I got to the bathroom, one of those permanent port-a-potty types.  No toilet paper.  I considered just trying to hold it, but was pretty sure that was going to be a recipe for either peeing in my running shorts or walking most of the rest of the way (it is surprisingly hard to hold it and run at the same time)  Unfortunately, between the no toilet paper and being super sweaty, I had some chaffing issues on my inner thighs not long after I started running again.  And I was so tired.  And all I wanted to do was walk. Or sit – I really, really wanted to sit down.  I kept pushing – mostly running, but I started taking walk breaks.  I had less than 2 miles to run and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it.  The chaffing was getting really painful and looking pretty raw.  But running was a faster way to get to the car than walking, so I kept chugging along.

Then finally, I hit 7 miles, I could walk.  Suddenly I was dizzy, hyperventilating, felt like my skin was shrinking – pretty much the beginning of the panic attacks I get on planes. All i wanted to do was lay down somewhere and cry.  Unfortunately for me, this last mile of trail was thick brush on both sides, right up to the edge of the path.  There was no place to stop and rest.  I was cursing my idea to have a 1 mile walk at the end of my run, but there wasn’t much else I could do other than keep taking deep breaths and putting one foot in front of the other.  Finally, I made it back to the car – where I smartly had food and water (a lesson I learned earlier this summer)  Thankfully, it was a short drive home and dinner was waiting for me.  Unfortunately, I could only stomach rice.  And I spent the whole evening shivering with a fever (this is apparently pretty common with over exertion)  I went to be early and by the morning I was pretty sore but otherwise back to normal.

So, what happened to me?  Most of my longest runs have topped out at 5 to 6 miles – this was probably only the 3rd time I’ve run as far as 7 miles.  (My training for the 1/2 last year fell apart around the point I reached a 6 mile long weekend run.  I did manage to get one 8 mile run in before the race, so after that and the actual 1/2 marathon, this is my next longest run.)  I haven’t done enough longer runs to really understand what I need to do to make sure those are good runs, but I think I didn’t eat enough during the day and then tried to run to far with no refueling and my body just crashed.  Going forward, I’m taking Gu with me on my long runs (I tried that out on my long run this week – that went much better, no issues at all.) and I need to pay more attention to how much I’ve eaten during the day.  We will see how this weekend goes – 9 miles!!!

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