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Just a test

After ages of insisting that I didn’t need a smart phone, I finally realized that I actually really did need one (or at least my life would be so much better with one) so I got an iPhone a few weeks ago. And now I’m working on using it for everything I can think of – including blogging – so this is my test post from phone!


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I survived my three weeks in Denver. Coming home every weekend was both nice and too much traveling. It was great to be home and see friends and Brad and get to work on the gardens some, but I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since I first left. It looks like I’m probably not going back – working remotely has been, while not smooth, at least mostly productive.

Brad and I finally got to make a trip to Pittsburgh over Memorial Day weekend (we had wanted to go last year, but couldn’t because I was working in Indianapolis) We went to a Pirates game on Saturday night, which was really awesome – apparently when your team is never really good enough to be in serious post season contention, everyone just has a great time at the games – cheering for the silly races, going along with all the chants, doing the wave. Saturday night games are followed by fireworks– and not just a few, but serious, 4th of July type fireworks. After the fireworks, we walked with everyone across the bridge into downtown, got slices of pizza and ate in a park while watching all the people.

Sunday we went to see Falling Water, and amazing house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a place that I have always wanted to visit and it definitely lived up to my expectations. We also did some typical Pittsburgh things – ate a Primanti Brothers sandwich, road the incline to the top of Mt Washington, had dinner in the historic Strip District.

And as an added bonus – we had bad storms here and the power was out at the office all day Tuesday, so I got an extra vacation day (though I did spend it doing laundry and cleaning the house)

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