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New home

Here’s a little peak at my new home in Texas. I’m finally moving in tonight – Ikea delivered my couch and my bed today, I have sheets, a blanket, one towel and I’ll get toilet paper and a shower curtain after work today. Hopefully that should cover the bare essentials that I need to stay there and not at a hotel!



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Another List

Official work and travel coffee ratings from best to worst

  1. Michigan office (but not the espresso roast)
  2. Hotel room
  3. Dallas office
  4. Airplane
  5. No coffee at all

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Week 2 List

Week 2 list:

  • I’m getting over a cold.  If I had been home I may have stayed home on Wednesday, but laying in the hotel room all day sounded worse than working with a runny nose and sore throat.  I’m 99% better now.
  • Tired of living in the hotel
  • Tired of eating out for every meal
  • Annoyed that we still don’t have reimbursement agreements – we were told we would have them by the end of the week….last week (which means I’m currently paying for everything since June 3rd out of my pocket with no idea of when I will be reimbursed)
  • Busy, so very, very busy.  First real, turn in to the state due date is next week!
  • Staying here this weekend and realized on Monday that while I did bring shorts and t-shirts, I forgot my flip-flops.  Need to stop at Target tonight, since I’m not wearing heels all weekend!

I keep telling myself I need to write more about what I got out of this break-up, so I don’t lose sight of it.  I think I spent my late 20’s learning to be happy and independent, so when Brad came along I was able to start that relationship from a place of being comfortable with myself and what I wanted, and not from a place of being willing to compromise on things that were important just to have a boyfriend.  But I think I lost sight of a lot of that in the end.  I wanted so badly to find a way to fix things, that if I just held on long enough that we would get through whatever we were going though.  And I still do think that sometimes relationships can be fixed, but I just couldn’t see or admit how unhappy I was.  So, maybe what I’ve gained from this is learning that even a long relationship can fall apart, and that I need to not be afraid of admitting when things aren’t going well and to not view it as a failure.  I need to be able to say – this needs to be fixed/things need to change or else I’m leaving.

I’ve read some things this week that really resonate:

Sometimes a guy is like a great pair of shoes that give you blisters – even if they look great and maybe fit great in other ways, if they are giving you blisters they aren’t the shoes for you.  I think this was so true of me and Brad – we were great in many ways, but the “blisters” were getting worse and worse and things just had to end.

And the idea of asking myself “is this going to make me happy?” To be asked every time I find myself dwelling on things or thinking of unblocking him on Facebook or looking at his friends pages.


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Official Day 1

Today was the first official day of working in Texas.  I was so excited to have a direct flight and not spend 5+ hours in airports and planes.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that.  First, I really pushed it with getting out of bed 2 hours before my flight took off, that got me out the door with an hour and a half and parking the car with 55 minutes and thru security with 35, and then I looked at my gate assignment and realized I was headed to the B concourse.  Look at this map, that little “tunnel” between the concourses is long.  So, I got to the gate about 1 minute before boarding started.  And then they asked for all Sky Priority members to board and it was honestly about 75% of the plane.  So, we all get on the plane and taxi all over the place and finally we stop, but I’m not really paying attention because I’m trying to sleep (that getting up 2 hours before take off means I got up at 5:30am) The pilot comes on the PA and lets us know that we have a little problem.  A “flag” in on one of the controls has come up and they just need to get it checked out.  We sit and sit and then they let us know that whatever it is, is broken and we need to head back to the gate to either get fixed or get on another plane.  An hour and a half after we should have taken off they find us a new plane – yay!  It is at gate A 71 – boo! (take a look at that map again)  So, our 7:26 flight finally takes off around 9:30.  The flight was mostly uneventful, except for about 10 seconds of that kind of turbulence where it feels like the plane has hit something and is going to drop out of the sky – fun.

So, now I’m in Texas, I’m exhausted, my feet hurt from traipsing all over the airport, my ex-boyfriend is at my house right now, cleaning the rest of his stuff out, and I’m either too tired, or too over it to feel anything much more than slightly sad and maybe a little bit relieved.  I guess it is day 1 of a new adventure in more ways than one.

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