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Opening Weekend

For some reason Tigers Opening Day was a Thursday this year (normally it is Friday) and so Brad and I took Thursday and Friday off and made it a 4 day weekend. Thursday morning started off a little slow – our cab was late and traffic was bad, but we made it downtown to meet up with friends at Greektown Casino by 10:30am. Brad played some blackjack and managed to win exactly what we spent on the cab ride and decided that was a perfect place to quit. After that we met up with his dad for a drink, and then it was already 12:15 and we headed to the park. The crowd was really pumped up – lots of cheering for the Tigers line-up – except for Brandon Inge, who got booed, which made me smile! (Seriously – he is a mediocre player who occasionally pulled out a clutch move and yet people loved him. When he would get big cheers during the starting lineup announcements last year, I always wanted to yell – “Why are you people cheering for a guy whose batting average is sub .200?” So, the booing made me smile.) The new scoreboard is huge and amazing – though I will miss the goofy graphics they had for the old low-tech one. As usual, it was cold and we got tired of the wind and the crowds and left during the 8th inning. Since phones don’t really work inside the park during opening day (so annoying) we didn’t find out till we had left the stadium that Brad’s friends were at the MGM casino. We went over there for 10 minutes – Brad declared it “boring” I declared myself “hungry” and we decided the best remedy for both of those things was to head back to Royal Oak. We met up with the girls from The Nine, ordered some pizza and were having a great time. I was drinking what was my 4th drink of the whole day, when I started feeling a little nauseous. I figured I was just super hungry and waited for our pizza. I ate the crust off of a piece of pizza, but kept feeling worse and worse. I felt so bad that gave up and went home – walked into my bathroom, threw up immediately and spent the next 6 hours throwing up everything I tried to eat or drink and shivering and sweating with a fever. I have no idea what was wrong with me – it wasn’t too much drinking – I had 4 drinks over 6 hours, I don’t think it was food poisoning since Brad and I ate all the same things that day, and I think it was over too fast for the stomach flu. Brad can home around midnight and made me some mac and cheese that I managed to eat a little of and then I finally fell asleep. The next day I felt a little weak, but otherwise fine…

Obviously, I didn’t do much on Friday – just lots of resting, though we did make a trip to Olive Garden for soup, salad and bread sticks for lunch!

Saturday morning I made it to the Royal Oak Farmers Market for the first time this year to look at plants and get yummy bread.  I didn’t end up getting any plants there, but went a little crazy buying a bunch of “hardy perennials” at a local nursery.  I’m loving the early spring – I’ve done so much work in the gardens already this year.  I’m hoping that the early start will let me make a dent in that insanely invasive vine I’ve been battling – my neighbors probably think I’m crazy, but every other day I’m out in the garden with a huge container of Round-Up spraying every little bit of vine that I see peeking out.  Saturday night we finally went to see the Hunger Games.

Sunday was our second Tigers game of the season, and it was…annoying?  The woman next to me talked so much I don’t think she had time to breathe, there was a guy behind us that kept yelling random stuff at the players (we started calling him Drunk Uncle – from SNL) I went on a 30 minute odyssey to get an Italian sausage with onions and peppers and ended up with a kielbasa, it was cold and the game was sloooooow.  The first 1 1/2 innings took an hour and it didn’t get better from there.  So, at the top of the 9th, with the Tigers loosing, we left.  We heard the roar all the way over in Greektown when they tied the game and saw the winning run get hit while sitting on our couch at home – almost 5 hours after the game started!


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