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Quick updated on my race – my toes didn’t hurt! I used the Band-aid blister thingys and was okay for the whole race.  They still aren’t healed and hurt if I press on them, but I’m not obsessing over them now.

The rest of the race went alright.  I beat my time from last year by 10 minutes, and this course was rougher – lots of hills, lots of running on trails with gravel.  I had thought about running with a pace group, but at the start I ended up in front of the group I wanted to be with.  Since I was feeling ok with my pace, I just kept going.  Ran my first 6 miles at what I would consider my “race” pace, 7 through 10 at “training” pace, and 11 though the finish I was just trying to keep moving.  I’m not sure what happened, but right around mile 9 I started, not totally falling apart, but slipping for sure.  I couldn’t get into a rhythm and the rest of the race was a struggle.  But I was determined to beat last year’s time and there wasn’t anything that went “wrong” so I’m pretty happy how things turned out.

I took a 2 hour nap after I got home, which is less than after my 1/2 last year – however, I got up at something like 5am for that.  My knees hurt like crazy last night, but they already seem to be better with a little ice and ibuprofen.  Today I’m sore, but nothing too bad.  I do keep doing things like sitting at my desk for hours and then jumping up to go to the printer and being surprised by the pain.  But I think I’m less sore than last year.

Up next – I’m going to look at some 5k programs that focus more on speed.  I’m definitely slower than I was at this time last year and want to see if I can remedy that.


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Toe status: not good

Things are not good in running land 😦

I ran 4 miles on Wednesday morning.  My blisters weren’t too painful, but I could tell I was making them worse.  So I decided no more running till either the race or they were much more healed.  I only had 5 more total miles to do for the week and that isn’t going to make or break the run on Sunday.

I got advice (thanks Randi!) to use the Band-aide blister thingys, so I decided to give them another try (they were what I used on my run on Sunday).  They worked awesome on my terrible toe (the left one).  I still have some pain when I press on it, but it is pretty minor.  Unfortunately, the small blister on my right toe must not have been clean when I sealed it up with the blister thingy.  I woke up super early Wednesday morning with a throbbing toe.  I’m not sure if it is infected (still clear fluid, no pus) but it doesn’t look happy. I’ve been slathering it with antibiotic ointment and soaking it in epsom salts, and I think I’m seeing a bit of improvement.  At least it is no longer throbbing and only hurts with pressure.  Like the pressure of wearing shoes…

The current plan is continue with the soaking and ointment, and possibly layers of mole skin around the blister on Sunday to reduce pressure on it.

I’m pretty upset about all of this, but I’m bound and determined to finish this race.  I was so happy with how well I had been sticking to my running and it will suck if this is derailed by blisters 😦

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Oh noes, my toes

The other day I was reading some silly list of things only runners understand, and it insinuated that you aren’t a real runner if you aren’t losing toenails.  I’ve never had toenail problems, or really any of the foot problems that I hear runners talk about.  I view this as being the only good thing about having slightly wide feet.  Most of the time the wide feet just mean I can’t wear certain styles of shoes if I can’t find them in a wide width (and all Nine West shoes are out for me – their shoes are terribly narrow!) But being comfortable in running shoes means going a size up, so I always have plenty of room for my toes, and too tight shoes at the toe seem to be one of the big causes of toenail issues.  And for whatever reason, blisters from running have never been a problem for me.  Until this weekend…

Out of the blue, I have developed blisters on the inside of both of my big toes.  I noticed one on Saturday night – it hurt a bit but was pretty small, maybe a ¼ inch diameter.  I put some mole skin around it for running errands on Sunday morning and then switched to a blister pad for my 10 mile Sunday run.  I could feel the lump for my entire run, and if I stepped a certain way it hurt.  When I got home and took a look, it was huge.  The entire side of my big toe was one big blister and was pretty painful to touch.  And then I noticed another small one on my other big toe.  After reading a bit about the best ways to deal with blisters, I ended up deciding to pop and drain both of them.  So, I now have 2 taped up big toes to protect them and keep things from getting worse.  I’m planning on closely watching them and possibly keeping them taped all week.  I’m definitely going to tape them up for the race – blisters are not going to get in the way of me finishing this ½ marathon.

I’m not really sure what changed to have this happen now.  I do have a new pair of shoes (same brand, similar style to my other shoes), but I’ve run a few times in them with no problems.  I have decided that I’ll run in my other shoes next weekend.  Maybe I have just reached the limit of weekly mileage that my toes can handle?

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