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4th of July





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All moved in

I don’t live in a hotel anymore – yay!

Now I live in an apartment – yay?  Apartment living was not on my list of things I thought I’d be doing at this point in my life.

It is small, but I like the layout.  It is old, but everything is clean and seems to work.  So far my big complaints are that the AC upstairs makes my windows and the light fixture in the kitchen rattle and the tub wasn’t put in with the correct slope, so there is a tiny puddle at the end that doesn’t drain.

I can hear the guy upstairs walking around, but at least based on last night/this morning he goes to bed and gets up around the same time I do.

I have one pot, one pan, 2 place settings, one coffee mug, one small baking pan, a cutting board and a small assortment of kitchen utensils.  I do not have a can opener, which threw a wrench in my Sunday dinner plans when I couldn’t open a can of black beans.

I don’t have cable or internet…yet.  I’m sure I will decide to get it eventually, but for now I’m getting by with an antenna and the wifi at Panera.  Wish I spoke Spanish, it would double the number of channels I can watch.

The Kroger by my apartment is a-may-zing.  Seriously.  Almost like a Whole Foods exploded inside a really nice Kroger.  With a grill set up outside selling sausages, ribs and giant turkey legs!  I didn’t buy one because I was trying not to eat out for the whole weekend, but I’m going back and getting one…in August, since that is the next time I’ll be here over a weekend.

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