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Random thoughts

Part of me is doing great, part of me wants to sleep for an entire weekend.

I’m doing my first ever 10k later this fall.  I have an 8 week training plan.  I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized that it was good that I went for a run Sunday morning, because that was the first day of my 8 weeks.

I made a really great dinner last night – pearled couscous, grape tomatoes, cotija cheese and chickpeas.  I had a bunch of leftover chickpeas, but I have limited Tupperware and somehow have already lost a lid, so improvised with tin foil.  This morning when I was taking a box of cereal out of the pantry, there was the container of chickpeas with the tin foil on top.  In the cabinet.  Unrefrigerated.  So now I have no chickpeas.

Actually, I still do have chickpeas, but only because I refuse to leave food in the garbage.  I have had 2 or 3 small, non-scary bugs in the apartment, but am still really paranoid about the possibility of cockroaches.

We keep our rental cars for a month at a time.  This time I have a Sentra.  I’m not a fan.  Mostly because every time I move the visor, it whacks into the rearview mirror and moves it to some wild angle.

I’m loving some of the food down here, I am obsessed with cojita cheese.  And empanadas.  And all the different fast food taco places that are much better than Taco Bell.

Texas is proving to be a challenge for the map app on my phone.  Every street here seems to have at least 2 names and the phone insists on saying them all “continue onto Texas 408 spur south, interstate 20, south Walton Walker Boulevard” is kind of a mouthful.  It also sometimes pronounces the city next to Dallas as “Eff Tee Whoa-earth”

The sky here is unreal.  It seems like every day it looks like this.




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