What I’ve done since last time I posted:

  1. Worked.  Lots.  So much that it was hard to remember the rest of this list.
  2. Ran a 5K in Dallas.
  3. Tore the carpet out of the spare bedroom on Thanksgiving.
  4. Went on a cruise – maybe someday I’ll get around to posting some pictures.
  5. Went to Wisconsin for Christmas.
  6. Tore the carpet out of my bedroom on New Year’s Eve.
  7. Hosted Lesley for a whirlwind visit first weekend in January.  We:
    1. Went to a hockey game and saw the Wings annihilate the Stars
    2. Went on a food tour – really recommend this, it was so much fun
    3. Went to the art museum
    4. Just generally had a great time
  8. Went to the Dallas Symphony with coworkers.  We had a very fancy night, dressed up and had a super good dinner – it was a fun change of pace.
  9. Ran another 10K.  With pancakes and beer at the end.
  10. Experienced snow and ice in Dallas – NOT fun!  I will never make fun of how southern cities shut down in the snow again.  I’ve never seen just a thin layer of snow pack itself into ice on the road so fast – it was terrible in places.
  11. Ran another 5K.  With a full breakfast at the end.
  12. Saw the Lego movie at a theater that has waiter service to your seats – and spiked milk shakes.

I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of stuff, but January and the beginning of February have flown by with how busy I am.  I really am enjoying my job, but it does take a lot of brain power.  


Work Zone

On some Monday mornings, as we are approaching the airport, we fly over the road that I am working on.  And now that I can keep my phone on during the whole flight, I can take some pictures of it from the air.  Unfortunately, this week my window was really dirty, so the pictures aren’t that good.  In the photo below the road going from the bottom left up to the top right is I35E.  About halfway up, right as it starts to curve to the right, you can see some brown along the side of the road.  That is the dirt where they have started the clearing work out in the right of way.IMG_0815

Random thoughts

Part of me is doing great, part of me wants to sleep for an entire weekend.

I’m doing my first ever 10k later this fall.  I have an 8 week training plan.  I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized that it was good that I went for a run Sunday morning, because that was the first day of my 8 weeks.

I made a really great dinner last night – pearled couscous, grape tomatoes, cotija cheese and chickpeas.  I had a bunch of leftover chickpeas, but I have limited Tupperware and somehow have already lost a lid, so improvised with tin foil.  This morning when I was taking a box of cereal out of the pantry, there was the container of chickpeas with the tin foil on top.  In the cabinet.  Unrefrigerated.  So now I have no chickpeas.

Actually, I still do have chickpeas, but only because I refuse to leave food in the garbage.  I have had 2 or 3 small, non-scary bugs in the apartment, but am still really paranoid about the possibility of cockroaches.

We keep our rental cars for a month at a time.  This time I have a Sentra.  I’m not a fan.  Mostly because every time I move the visor, it whacks into the rearview mirror and moves it to some wild angle.

I’m loving some of the food down here, I am obsessed with cojita cheese.  And empanadas.  And all the different fast food taco places that are much better than Taco Bell.

Texas is proving to be a challenge for the map app on my phone.  Every street here seems to have at least 2 names and the phone insists on saying them all “continue onto Texas 408 spur south, interstate 20, south Walton Walker Boulevard” is kind of a mouthful.  It also sometimes pronounces the city next to Dallas as “Eff Tee Whoa-earth”

The sky here is unreal.  It seems like every day it looks like this.



100 Days and a sock

Apparently it takes 100 days to get over 6 years and a sock to realize that.  I’ve had good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks.  But overall, every day was better than the last and I’ve been able to actually notice the different stages I’ve been going thru week to week – sad, angry, analytical, etc.

I’ve been holding onto a box of important paperwork that he forgot to take, and every now and then I find something of his and either I angrily throw it away or think to myself that I’ll get it to him when I get him that paperwork.  This morning I had a cleaning service come in (I’m doing this monthly now, the house gets so dusty and cobwebby with no one there!) and they found a sock under the couch.  It was one of his, a brand of sock that I introduced him to, that he loved, and was kind of pricey for socks (Smartwool, if you are interested, best socks ever!)

A few weeks ago I would have been sad about that sock, about how I probably bought that pair for him and they were his favorite and how he would be sad when he realized that he lost it.  Or I would be angry, because he couldn’t even bother to keep track of his stuff and why am I still dealing with his crap and think about him pissed off because he couldn’t find it.  And would have waffled about throwing it away or putting it with the papers.

And today?  Today it is just a sock.  He left 100 days ago today and he and any feelings I had about him seem very far away.  I thanked the cleaning lady and just threw the sock away.

Adventures in TX

I have RVSPed yes to going to the movies with people from the internet this weekend.  I feel very weird about it, though I would totally tell a friend in my same situation not to feel weird, that it is a great idea.  If I don’t do this, the only other person that I am guaranteed to talk to all weekend is the person who is coming to install my cable on Saturday morning.

We are going to see Much Ado about Nothing on Sunday morning, so about as non-sketchy as you can get.

On a different note, the low here has been higher than the high in Michigan for the past few days.  It will continue like this for at least a week.  I think I will brave the “Fitness Center” at my apartment today, I’m not sure I’m ready to run in this.  I did run outside on Tuesday night.  If I go out at 8 the sun is basically down, which makes a huge difference in how hot it feels and I can get a half hour in before it gets too dark.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as sweaty in my entire life as I was after that run.

4th of July




All moved in

I don’t live in a hotel anymore – yay!

Now I live in an apartment – yay?  Apartment living was not on my list of things I thought I’d be doing at this point in my life.

It is small, but I like the layout.  It is old, but everything is clean and seems to work.  So far my big complaints are that the AC upstairs makes my windows and the light fixture in the kitchen rattle and the tub wasn’t put in with the correct slope, so there is a tiny puddle at the end that doesn’t drain.

I can hear the guy upstairs walking around, but at least based on last night/this morning he goes to bed and gets up around the same time I do.

I have one pot, one pan, 2 place settings, one coffee mug, one small baking pan, a cutting board and a small assortment of kitchen utensils.  I do not have a can opener, which threw a wrench in my Sunday dinner plans when I couldn’t open a can of black beans.

I don’t have cable or internet…yet.  I’m sure I will decide to get it eventually, but for now I’m getting by with an antenna and the wifi at Panera.  Wish I spoke Spanish, it would double the number of channels I can watch.

The Kroger by my apartment is a-may-zing.  Seriously.  Almost like a Whole Foods exploded inside a really nice Kroger.  With a grill set up outside selling sausages, ribs and giant turkey legs!  I didn’t buy one because I was trying not to eat out for the whole weekend, but I’m going back and getting one…in August, since that is the next time I’ll be here over a weekend.